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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dalai Lama 2

Now I can post...
Like I said in the last post, in this post I will talk you more anout "why I admir Dalai Lama".
Well,... I admire Dalai Lama cause` he is a great man, he is one of the most important persones of the world, he is very or better said, he is the most spiritual man of the world.
My dream is to meet him personal, I don`t know why, but this is one of the greatest dreams of myne. I think that this meeting would gave me spiritual power...
But, in the end... I`m an atheist... why I want so much to meet this man??
Well, this is a complicated job because I`m not sure that I`m an atheist-atheist because I hope that there is a God, a God who will forgive me my atheist years.
"My atheist years"... I speak already to the past... it`s posible to exist a supreme God, a pesonal God? If so, why he doesn`t letted us some solid evedence of his existance... I understand that now 1000 years ago the Holy Bible was a enough evidence, but now the Bible doesn`t match with the human history, with the Darwin theory... It remains the great question: "WHY?".
I could say that I want to talk about that with Dalai Lama, but in the end, and he is a man like us, how could he know WHY? ... and more, he not believe in God, and they are a kind of atheist religion...
But who am I to jusge them?... I`m not capable to understand my own religion... not the 0thers...
Anyway... Dalai Lama gets all my respect... he is one of the persone wath humanity needs...
Now let`s imagine that 10 % persones of the earth are like Dalai Lama (I say "imagine" because this isn`t posible in this word..) ... how would be the world?... I don`t know how the world would be, but I know that will be less warsm less hungry kids, less murders... much more humanity.
I hope that you understood wath I wanted to say... cause my english sucks!
I hope that you enjoyes this post and I wait any comments...
One more time... my greatest respect for Dalai Lama!


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