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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another great personality… Adolph Hitler

Now I’ll talk you about another idol … not really an idol, but a person who need to be respected, not only hated.

Now, if you ignore the fact that Hitler hated the Jewish we can say that Adolph Hitler is a man what need to be followed…

Why?... I know that know you are wondering if I`m mad, but no… if you stay to study the life of Hitler ( he have a book- Mein Kemp (My life)) you realize that he is not so had how the press says, we can say that he fought for his dream.

Now we arrived to interesting part… the Hitler dream. We all know that almost all leaders have a dream; a dream what is imagined often in the teenage. The Adolph Hitler dream was to lead the world ( what to me it looks great, because only a earthly leader will could make the world better, or worse…). But if this dream of Hitler had realized, probably now we should be smarter, with blue eyes, blond hair; we should have the first earthly civilities and probably the next 100 years Hitler would be the God. But if this had happened probably the humanity is losing very fast the traditions, the God veneration (probably something good) etc.

I’m asking if someone agree with Hitler dream, but the poor Jewish doesn’t deserve that. Hitler could just deny to Jewish to make kids and probably his end now should be write different in the history books.

Remain the great question… do you think that Hitler should realize his scope?

I think that yes…may be not in his period, but now when the humans are interconnected we should have a universal lieder… for example we should be a great USA (for example)…

I think that this is all what I wanted to say, I hope that you’ll comment (in this way we can share better our ideas)…

PS: In the next day I’ll write more about why I think that a earthly leadership is necessary! Best wishes!